We are on a continuous journey to take care of our planet, our farming partners and you.

Sourcing Ingredients

We source some of our raw ingredients directly from small, sustainable Indian farms and artisan collectives. This allows us to support traditional communities that have kept these practices alive for generations. Our goal is to continue to establish more direct farm partners as our sourcing suppliers.

Ethical Production

We are on a continuous journey to make sure we are creating quality products that don't have a heavy footprint. Most of our ingredients are drought-resistant and easy to harvest — this is beneficial both of protecting our planet and people. We use plant ingredients that are gentle to grow on our planet, reliable for farmers, and nutritious for your hair.

Packaging Footprint

We've joined forces with our friends at Cleanhub.io and Green Worms, and are committed to being plastic neutral to support their work to recover, treat and recycle ocean-bound plastics. Every SHAZ & KIKS purchase helps support Green Worms collect the household waste in more than 50 municipalities across South India, and at the same time provide income to more than 300 people.

Our shipper box, outer tube and brand brochure are all 100% recyclable. And our jars are made with type 5 plastic, one of the easiest types of plastic to recycle. We are working on finding alternative solutions that are the least harmful to our environment.