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Best Haircare Product Winner 2023 for Rice+Chai Refresh Spray

Rice + Chai Refresh Spray will make your hair look and feel like it's freshly washed. This fortifying hair refresher is ultra-light and can be used daily to tone down oiliness and boost body, thanks to the oil-absorbing powers of rice starch. This pre-styling product also contains rice water and chai extract to moisturize the scalp while making your hair smell good enough to (almost) eat.

After using this shampoo our hair and curls felt noticeably softer and silkier, and it took longer for our roots to get oily in between washes. Our dandruff improved, too! Win, win. Best Shampoo for Fine Hair 2024.

It took several weeks to see improvements, but my hair now looks and feels so much healthier, thicker and stronger. It's also less frizzy, gets less oily and dries much faster (it would sometimes take hours for my hair to fully air dry).

As the world wakes up to the wonders of Indian beauty, here are the names headlining the change... [SHAZ & KIKS}

I felt the most difference on my scalp, which was gritty and greasy going in, but emerged flake-free and restored to factory settings. All those anti-inflammatory and oil-balancing herbs ensured that my scalp wasn’t greasier after application. The lengths were softer, and best of all, I didn’t need to shampoo any more vigorously than I normally do

[Rice+Chai Refresh Spray] infused with rice water, aloe, panthenol aka vitamin B, and black tea to stave off greasiness, irritation, and flakes while keeping your scalp happy and nourished.

Between how satisfying the texture is to apply, how effectively it cleanses, how beautifully it enhances the shape of curls, and how delicious it smells, recommending this product is a no-brainer.

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When I washed it [Scalp+Hair Prewash] out, my hair was detangled, soft, and ready for shampoo. You would have never known it looked like a tumbleweed just mere minutes before.

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Shaz & Kiks's Balancing Clay Hair Cleanser is truly nothing like I have ever used or seen on the market. It makes the skin on my head feel moisturized yet clean and refreshed. Any excess oil around my roots disappears, bringing my scalp to equilibrium and diminishing flakiness in the process. I really noticed its balancing power when I was rocking third-day hair.

The Balancing Clay Hair Cleanser softened my curls, cut down on my wash day routine, and balanced my scalp, all without irritation, so it’s a 10/10 from me. Best Shampoo for Fine Hair & Dandruff 2024

If your hair gets dry and frizzy after swimming in a pool or ocean, like mine does, I recommend using the Back to Your Roots pre-wash treatment from SHAZ&KIKS. It's great for keeping your hair nourished and healthy.

the shampoo lathers a lot more than expected and is super easy to apply all over from roots to ends. After testing the formula for six weeks, we noticed a significant difference and found that the shampoo does an excellent job of balancing the hair, providing a good cleanse to the roots while deeply nourishing the ends. It also extended the life of each wash and left our hair feeling fresher for longer. Best Shampoo for Fine Hair

As we massaged the product in, we were also overcome by the delightful scent—it’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and a little earthy, without smelling artificial. The post-shower look revealed soft and defined curls. Even once air-dried, they maintained their silky texture and nice structure. Best Shampoo for Fine Hair & Dandruff 2024, Balancing Clay Hair Cleanser