"In another win for authenticity, raw ingredients are sourced directly from small, sustainable Indian farms and artisan groups."


"I felt the most difference on my scalp, which was gritty and greasy going in, but emerged flake-free and restored to factory settings."

"I haven't had a proper haircut since February [it's November], my hair looks and feels healthier than before."

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"If your hair gets dry and frizzy after swimming in a pool or ocean, like mine does, I recommend using the BACK TO YOUR ROORTS Prewash treatment from SHAZ&KIKS. It's great for keeping your hair nourished and healthy."

"The result is a rich, nourishing mask that nurtures hair from roots to ends. Dry strands drink up plant oils for inside-out strengthening while vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are delivered to the scalp to keep follicles healthy."

"Best August Beauty Launches: Feed your follicles and maintain your scalp's pH balance with Shaz & Kiks’s Balancing Clay Hair Cleanser."

"The foundation of each product is to nourish the follicles, balance the scalp and strengthen the strands."

"Best Deep Cleaning Powder and Foam Shampoos for All Hair Types"

The Best Products to Beat Frizzy Hair Once and for All "You’ll feel all the more luxurious when you wash it out. This brand is waterless, super clean, and based around ancient Indian hair rituals. Needless to say, we’re sold."