The Best Ingredients for Split Ends

Want to get rid of split ends without losing length? Here’s what you should do.

Are you struggling with split ends? No matter the color, length or texture of hair, we are all susceptible to split ends. The only way to get rid of this hair affliction is to snip them off, as you can’t fix split ends once they are frayed. However, by getting a better grasp of why your hair is splitting, you will be able to prevent them and reduce the damage.

What are split ends?

Since the hair grows from the root, your ends are the oldest part of your hair and, they are also the most exposed and vulnerable. When the outermost protective layer of your hair’s cuticle deteriorates over time due to environmental factors, as well as normal wear and tear, it causes fraying and split ends. While split ends are most recognizable at the ends of the hair, they can occur in the middle or top of the strand as well and can also split into two or multiple pieces.

What causes split ends?

In order to prevent or treat split ends, it is crucial that you know what’s causing them. Split ends occur when the ends of your hair become dry, brittle and frayed due to hair damage. Here are some of the top causes of hair damage that can lead to split ends:

Excessive heat styling

Frequent use of hot styling tools like straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons and hot rollers can damage your hair. The heat from these tools strips the moisture from your hair and makes it prone to breakage and splitting.

Chemical treatments

Chemical straightening treatments and perms, bleaching and hair coloring can significantly damage your hair and make it susceptible to splitting.


Friction is a common cause of split ends. Hats, scarves, cotton pillowcases and rough towels can cause friction and hence, lead to damaged hair and split ends.

Environmental factors

Excessive sun exposure and lack of humidity can lead to brittle and weak hair. The damage caused by these factors can also lead to split ends.

Hair products with harsh chemicals

Since many hair products are full of alcohol, drying agents and harsh chemicals, they strip off the moisture from your hair and cause damage. According to a study, the pH of your shampoo may affect hair breakage. Some shampoos that are more alkaline can cause a negative charge on hair. This causes friction and hence more hair breakage.

How to treat split ends?

While there is no way to fix split ends, with the combination of the right hair care products and practices, you can minimize the damage and prevent split ends. Here are some of the things you can do to give much-needed TLC to your hair and keep the split ends at bay:

Regular hair trims

We all know that chopping off your hair is the only way to get rid of split ends. But did you know that regular hair trims can also help you prevent split ends? Split ends make your hair look dry and frizzy, but they can also cause more significant damage if they move farther up the hair shaft. Therefore, we recommend that you trim your hair regularly, preferably every 6-8 weeks.

Shield your strands from heat

Hot styling tools can cause significant damage to your hair and cause split ends. To prevent hair damage, minimize the usage of heat for hairstyling. We also recommend spritzing your hair with a heat protectant before using any of your tools.

Brush your hair gently

Brushing your hair aggressively can cause split ends. Therefore, it is recommended that you brush your hair gently. Additionally, avoid brushing wet hair as they are more prone to damage and breakage.  Swapping your plastic comb with a wooden one can also give incredible results. Our handmade neem comb is a good option as it’s gentle, has antimicrobial properties and increases blood flow to your scalp.

Choose gentle and nourishing hair products

Hydration is the key to healthy hair! Give your hair a ton of TLC with gentle and nourishing products like the Back To Your Roots Scalp+ Hair Prewash. Our nutrient-dense hair mask is a great product  to add to your hair care routine to keep split ends at bay. This creamy, plant-based hair mask deeply nourishes your hair and prevents hair damage and fraying.

What ingredients should you look for?

Here’s a list of ingredients you should keep an eye on while choosing a product for split ends:

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a brilliant moisturizer. Therefore, it prevents breakage and fraying. It also prevents protein loss in hair. It is one of the best hair care ingredients as it is predominantly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid, and absorbs easily.

Castor seed oil

Castor oil has numerous hair benefits. It hydrates your hair, repairs damage and promotes hair growth.

Almond oil

The lubricating properties of almond oil diminish friction during hair styling. Using products infused with almond oil can make your hair less prone to breakage and diminish split ends.


Amla has high moisture content and is packed with vitamin E. Therefore, it nourishes and conditions your hair, and prevents split ends.


Moringa is one of the best ingredients to add to your hair care routine as it revitalizes your dull and lifeless locks. Due to the presence of behenic acid, moringa acts as a natural conditioner and makes your hair shiny and bouncy. It protects your hair from damage and keeps the split ends at bay. Our cold-pressed, sustainably sourced Repair Hair Oil with Moringa+Vetiver is an excellent way to revitalize your lifeless strands.