Why a Prewash Hair Treatment Is a Better Alternative to Hair Oil

Do you want to reap the incredible benefits of hair oils minus the greasy feeling? Try a pre wash hair treatment.

For centuries, hair oils have been an integral part of hair care routines around the world. Hair oiling is a therapeutic ritual that nourishes your hair while relaxing the senses. But there is one issue that keeps many of us away from it–the greasy feeling that comes with hair oiling. 

Hair oils offer incredible benefits for your hair, but the lingering heavy and oily feeling is often a major dealbreaker. But don’t let the greasiness deter you from enjoying the myriad of benefits that these potent blends offer. Instead of sticky hair oils, you can try a nourishing yet lightweight pre wash hair treatment to keep your strands hydrated and protected. 

What is a pre wash hair treatment?

A pre wash hair treatment, as the name suggests, is applied to the hair before cleansing and conditioning. The main purpose of this treatment is to provide nourishment and protection to your strands during your cleansing routine. Whether you have curly, straight or wavy hair, a pre wash hair treatment is an excellent addition to your hair care routine as it restores shine and vitality. 

What are the benefits of a pre wash hair treatment?

Here’s why you should ditch your regular hair oil for a hydrating pre wash hair treatment:

Delivers intense nourishment

While your regular hair oils also nourish your hair, pre wash treatments offer a more effective way to deliver deep nourishment to your hair. Since these products are formulated with a rich blend of multiple potent herbs and oils, they help to nourish the hair from within, providing some much-needed moisture to dry and damaged strands.

No sticky, greasy feeling

The greasy feeling that accompanies hair oils is a major reason why so many of us steer clear of them. Plus, the oils weigh down your hair and can also lead to scalp buildup. Pre wash hair treatments, on the other hand, deliver an intense dose of nourishment to your hair minus the greasy feeling. They wash away quickly, leaving your hair healthy and bouncy. 

Detoxifies your scalp

 If you have an overloaded scalp, you must try a prewash. It helps detoxify your scalp and remove any product buildup or excess oil, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and balanced.

Strengthens your hair

Are you struggling with dull and lifeless strands? You need to add a prewash to your hair care regimen. Since it contains a variety of powerhouse botanicals, it strengthens your hair from within and shields it from everyday damage.

How to use a pre wash treatment for hair?

While oiling your hair can be time-consuming and requires patience, pre wash treatments offer a quick and convenient alternative. You just need to take a scoop of the prewash and gently massage it into your hair and scalp. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, and proceed to cleanse your hair like you normally would. To get the most out of these treatments, include them in your pre-shower rituals at least once a week. 

With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the one that works best for you. If you are looking for a natural prewash formula that can nourish and protect your strands, you can try our Scalp+Hair Prewash to detox your scalp and restore balance. Formulated with 35+ potent Ayurvedic herbs, oils and flowers, this gentle prewash deeply nourishes the hair and scalp, reducing excess heat and promoting healthy hair growth.