5 Questions With Our Founders: Shaz & Kiku

Welcome to SHIKS TIPS, our little corner of the world where we will share healthy beauty rituals with each other, as a community.

We’ve grown up as close as two sisters can be and with a strong tribe of women who raised us and taught us how to nourish our bodies using natural, plant-based ingredients rooted in Ayurvedic practices. With this as our inspiration, we’ve launched our very own beauty wellness company, Shaz&Kiks! Our brand and products are extensions of ourselves, based on what inspires us, the culture we grew up with, and the closeness that we’ve always shared as sisters, daughters, mothers. With that, we wanted to let you know a little about ourselves with five questions that we asked each other. 

What’s your perfect Saturday?

Shaz: Start the day with an early morning row on Town Lake with my favorite rowing partner, Navin (my hubby) followed by breakfast tacos from the neighborhood food truck. Soothe sore muscles with a long, hot bath, put on a face mask and lose myself in whatever book I am reading. Decompress and catch up with my gal pals for a late bubbly brunch. Make fresh pasta for dinner with my girls, Keya and Naiya, and cuddle up with them and our behemoth German Shepherd, Kona, to watch our favorite feel-good movie, Father of the Bride (we love Franck!). In bed by 9 pm. Bonus Saturday if you [Kiku] are around! 

Kiku: Gotta start with bringing our dog, Moxie, into the bed for some cuddles and then run to an early morning workout class. After my class, off to the farmers market with Satyam (my husband) and Moxie, where I get my favorite coffee and breakfast tacos. Go for a walk on the Katy Trail in Dallas, maybe some shopping (I can't stop buying candles) and then chow down at a brunch spot. Later in the evening, out to dinner and drinks with some friends. If we’re in Austin, gonna be squeezing in on the couch for a ‘90s movie marathon!

If you had to pick one outfit that you would wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Shaz: Hmmm. I need to balance between fashion and comfort, hot and cold, neutral versus bold for a forever outfit. I’d go with a white v-neck tee, black leggings, and a black cardigan/blazer as the base and jazz it up with different shoes and a scarf based on my mood and the occasion. Is that allowed?

Kiku: I want to say athleisure but I feel like I’m copping out, because who doesn’t wanna wear that everyday? So my next choice is comfortable wide-leg trousers and a striped tee (I love stripes!). A pair of low-heel sandals and always some mascara. I want to feel like I'm always on vacation. 

Which fictional character would you marry if you had the choice?

Shaz: Hands down - it would be my crush since the 4th grade – Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables – so dreamy!

Kiku: Ok first one is Jim Halpert, cuz duh. The second one is Joe Fox, Tom Hank’s character in You’ve Got Mail. He’s charming, funny, smart, loves to read, romantic without the cheese and … loaded! 

What’s your favorite spice to use?

Shaz: I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never liked vegetables. Once my daughters came into the picture, I needed to figure out a way to cook them to make sure I set a good example. I learned to use kalonji from our mom (they look like little black sesame seeds) – sprinkle into a little hot oil in the pan, add your veggies, sauté and season, and voila! Makes any vegetable taste yummy! 

Kiku: Hands down jeera (cumin). It instantly adds flavor and it’s so good for you! 

What’s your best beauty advice?

Shaz: Smile often – it does wonders for your face. 

Kiku: Sleep! In my opinion, anything can be fixed with a good night’s rest. I gotta put in a second one - facial massaging. I massage my face every time I put any skincare product and I regularly use my kansa wand (Ayurvedic massaging tool) before bedtime.