Is Scalp Buildup Causing Lifeless Hair

Scalp buildup could be the culprit behind your brittle and lackluster strands. Here’s how to detox your scalp and revitalize your mane. 

Are your strands looking and feeling dry and lifeless lately? There’s a high probability that your scalp is overburdened and desperately needs a detox. Your scalp is home to a diverse microbiome that is essential for maintaining your hair health. Excessive scalp buildup can cause an imbalance and lead to dry and damaged hair that is more susceptible to breaking. 

What causes scalp buildup?

From pollution and dirt to heat exposure and chemical-laden products, our scalp goes through a lot on a daily basis. Here are some of the leading causes of an overburdened scalp:

Product residue

If you don’t indulge in a thorough scalp detox every once in a while, your scalp can get overburdened with the accumulation of hair products such as shampoos, oils, heat protectants and hair sprays. The buildup can clog your hair follicles and cause inflammation. 

Natural oils

Our scalp naturally produces oils to protect the skin and keep our strands healthy and hydrated. Excessive oil production or inadequate cleansing can lead to scalp buildup over time. 

Lack of exfoliation

 Are you guilty of skipping the exfoliation step in your hair-cleansing routine? It could cause scalp buildup. Dead skin cells can mix with sebum and product residue to form buildup and clog your hair follicles. 

How to tackle scalp buildup?

Have you ever felt that your hair isn’t fully clean even after a wash? Scalp buildup could be the reason. It can severely impact your hair health, leaving your strands lifeless and limp. Fortunately, scalp buildup can easily be remedied with a few adjustments to your hair care routine. Here’s how to detoxify your scalp and achieve healthy and bouncy hair:

Shampoo regularly

If you are noticing a lot of buildup or your scalp feels itchy and irritated, it could be your scalp's way of warning you it has been too long without a cleanse. Regular shampooing can help remove dirt, oil and product buildup, which can clog hair follicles and cause scalp issues. One product that can help kickstart your detox process is our Balancing Clay Hair Cleanser. Formulated with 15+ high-performing active Ayurvedic herbs, oils and flowers, this clay-to-lather shampoo deeply cleanses your scalp and gets rid of impurities and buildup. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to restore their hair’s natural vitality without disrupting the scalp's pH or oil production.

Indulge in a deep detox

Are you dealing with an excessively oily scalp? An oily scalp is often a red flag, indicating an imbalance in the scalp's microbiome. Excess oil draws residue at the roots, causing buildup that clogs your pores and hair follicles. To remedy this issue, you need to deeply detox your scalp and restore balance. If you need an instant scalp detox, try our Rice+Chai Refresh Spray. Infused with concentrated antioxidant-rich Black and Green Chai, this spray reduces scalp itchiness and dryness, while gently exfoliating your scalp. It works as a natural, healthier alternative to dry shampoo because it effectively refreshes your roots by absorbing excess oil with the help of potent ingredients like rice starch and reetha soapnuts. 

Massage your scalp

Scalp massages are an excellent way to tackle scalp buildup and boost hair health. Indulging in regular scalp massages can help detoxify the scalp by improving blood circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins. Massages also help to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and product residue. Are you looking for a quick scalp massage hack? Try our Handmade Neem Wood Comb to boost blood circulation and promote scalp health. Made out of the bark of a Neem tree, a medicinal plant native to the Indian subcontinent, this comb can boost circulation in your scalp and improve the overall health and appearance of your hair.